Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Re-Review by Critics of Love Never Dies

Well, the critics are speaking....again. Of course, they wouldn't be critics unless they were critical, right? The latest from the tip of their pens about the newly revised Love Never Dies is less approving than what the fans had to say about the revised version of the show. Since I still haven't seen it, my lips remained sealed.

Andrew Lloyd Webber invited the critics back for a second take. Perhaps not a good move on his part. Was he too hopeful after his regular fans had apparently given him the thumbs-up approval on the new release? Apparently, the big guys aren't buying it.

So who gets the last word about the worthiness of Love Never Dies? The critics or the show goers? I guess in the end, it will be the audience who really decides if it was worth the price of a ticket or not. Last count the 47,000 plus fans on Facebook don't seem to be too discouraged by what the critics have to say. Time will tell.

Variety - Love Never Dies - 12/21/10

The Daily Mail - UK - 12/21/10

London Evening Standard - 12/21/10 (3 stars)

On a more positive note:

The UK Stage - 12/22/10

The Telegraph - 12/22/10 - 4 Star

The Independent - 12/23/10 - 4 Star 

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Rebeca said...

That hurts. "Weak" for one side, "all is really bad except Sierra" from the other one. Meh. I don't believe nothing until i can see it for myself... but i'm afraid.