Friday, July 10, 2009

All Things Phantom Show Reminder

Our show debuts tomorrow Saturday, July 11 @ 3:30 p.m. PST. Here's a promo video with more information. Visit our show page at All Things Phantom on BlogTalkRadio.

My co-host and I are very happy to bring this new medium to Phantom fans worldwide. We truly hope it makes your night!

Cheerfully yours,

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rhapsody said...

I haven't been able to catch the show live, but have listened in when I could - it's a nice feature that you have it to listen to online. Is that something that can be posted onto other blogs?

I don't know which show it was, perhaps your second one, where you spoke with your in-house Phantom. He's wonderful! I'm going to have to listen in again, because he made a few references to shows & blogs that I didn't catch the first time, & would like to make notes of. The one thing I did disagree about, though, was his assessment of Frederick Forsyth's book, The Phantom of Manhattan. Every writer puts their own spin on the story. Forsyth did not seem overly unkind toward Leroux's original work - it seemed to me more of a critique that explained how he came about doing his own work - people do not always agree with writing styles, & can say so - look at how many people don't like Forsyth's book, & say so. That said, I also did not think that his including actual people was a bad idea (after all, the Paris opera house is an actual place, & according to Leroux, many of his characters are real, as well)... & I actually found his book to be rather interesting & imaginative. Also, no one seems to mind a child between Erik & Christine in other stories - one story that's particular lauded includes such a child, that was raised by Raoul as well - but this story gets criticized for the same thing. I can definitely see that Forsyth's novel is not the style of a gothic romance that so many of the other sequels follow. Not many of the sequels are the way I'd continue Erik's story either, including this one, but I still find most of them interesting & imaginative. We'll have to see how the sequel turns out. As far as I'm concerned, Andrew Lloyd Webber did a magnificent job with a story that, had it not been for Hollywood & Lon Chaney, would have literally & literarily faded into nothingness. Webber's genius, in my opinion, made this story into something that it wasn't (more of a romance than a horror, although some might disagree with me & I'd like to hear their point of view) - & I'm hoping that his genius has created another masterpiece for us to marvel over for ages to come...

I almost didn't buy Forsyth's book because of the stinky reviews, but I'm glad I did, just for the record:)

Thanks for listening - & I hope Erik isn't too unhappy with me!

Vicki Hopkins said...

We encourage everyone on the show to respect everyone's opinion, and you are welcome to express yours as well. As we stated in our first airing, the Phantom of the Opera is a very passionate subject and opinions are varied on all topics regarding the original work and subsequent sequels.

You can post widgets on your webpage by going to our home page on There is a box underneath the player in blue that says "Add this player to your website." If you click on it, it will give you the codes.

Thanks for your recent comments too. Do you have an email address? I can't seem to find one on your page.