Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Author's Proof In My Hands

Today I received my author's proof copy in the mail from my publisher, Xlibris. How totally surreal it is to see my words from this blog put into book form. It's the most awesome experience I have ever known. I sincerely want to HUG everyone of my readers and personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this journey with me.

When I started this blog it was on a whim. Now that whim has taken me to a dream come true. I have always wanted to write. Yes, I've gone the vanity route of self-publishing, which I thought was the appropriate route for putting a blog into print in a short period of time. I could sell one or thousand copies, and I would still be happy with the outcome. It matters not - truly. I haven't done this to make money. I've printed this blog to share the story with all of you.

The motivational factor that has kept me month after month for an entire year dissecting Phantom of the Opera are the comments and emails you send. If what I've written touches one heart, then I have reached my goal. My success will not be measured by the lack of a book contract with a publishing house, whether it's available on Border's bookshelves and only online, or if the reviews are good or bad when it hits the marketplace. I already know from your comments that my goal throughout this whole process has been accomplished. Erik's story has tugged at my heart like none other. His struggle, humanity, passion, genius, and one longing to be loved for who he truly is touches us all on a common ground!

I do hope that you will enjoy the book. It's raw, I'll admit that, because I did not have money to have it professionally edited. You may find a typo or two, so forgive me after reading it 20 times that I might have missed a few things. (Of course, I've picked up books from big-time publishers and found typos, so go figure!) Paying Webber's licensing fees took a bite out of my pocketbook, though publication and artwork prices were minimal. My purpose, as you probably know by now, was not to write some literary wonder, but to help you reflect and enjoy the story even more.

I love you all. You have no idea! Next step is production. When I have a release date, you'll be the first to know.

The Phantom's Student


Sage said...

Glad to hear that your book is coming out soon! I can't wait to check it out once it's been released. You can be sure that the minute I finish it, you'll be the first to know my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Pattie Garner said...
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