Friday, November 4, 2011

Blowing Out the Candle

I've done some deep soul searching over this blog and other matters in the past month. Usually, when your soul prompts you to search inwardly, there's a discovery or change at the end of that endeavor.

I have, after much reflection, decided to end my blogging on Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera entirely. After nearly four years and 155 posts, I've done my bit in the lair and expressed my joys from center stage to the depths of the lake under the opera house. I've dissected, offered my two cents, received so many emails thanking me for my thoughts that I cannot count them all; but I will cherish every one. That, in itself, has given me great satisfaction. I've also had my share of critics, who found it necessary to slap my hand for having an opinion regarding Love Never Dies. Whatever . . .

This blog continues to receive hits worldwide, and the blog in print form continues to sell worldwide. I will not pull the blog from the Internet or the printed book. However, there will be no further posts about Phantom after this date.

My life's direction is turning elsewhere, as well as my interests and my career goals. When that happens, there are times your greatest interests must be put aside in order to pursue where your heart leads you next. I will never stop loving The Phantom of the Opera or the story it tells. It's been a huge part of my life, and I am very grateful for the experience. As far as further Phantom publications, I have people emailing me for a sequel to The Phantom of Valletta. I hadn't planned on one, but you never know what an author has up their sleeve. It may be "garbage" to some, but to others it was an enjoyable read, especially to my very kind friends on the island of Malta who embraced the story wholeheartedly. They are very gracious and generous fans. As far as the book itself, there may be some shocking surprises in the future.

For Phantom news, thoughts, and opinions, I encourage you to reach out to others in the community who are more than able to feed your need. If I have news about my publications, I'll update this site, but as far as blogging, I'm blowing out the candle. Thanks to everyone who supported me during this journey.

If you wish to follow my endeavors elsewhere, feel free to visit my official author website at and sign up to follow my progress on numerous other blogs and books.

Vicki Hopkins aka The Phantom's Student