Friday, May 27, 2011

Judgment Day

My Google alerts were filling my email inbox this morning with stories about the opening of Love Never Dies tonight in Australia. The article from the Hearld Sun has one primo picture in it of the Phantom and Christine. Gave me the shivers, but hey that's just me. (Follow the link below to see and read.)

With all the excitement, the Daily Mail in the UK came out (great timing) with a story about Love Never Dies in London and their woes. Though I've heard a few snickers here and there they are not always the most reliable of sources, certain groups are jumping on the bandwagon having celebration parties. One comment in the article states:
"For a show that should have been a sure-fire hit, it has been beset by some of the bloodiest behind-the-scenes shenanigans seen in the West End."
If I weren't so nice and didn't wish to practice what I preach, I'd probably go off right here about now, but then that would negate my post below. Sigh. :bites tongue:

In any event, I for one continue to support Andrew Lloyd Webber. Kim Edwards recently wrote an editorial that contains a statement I wholeheartedly agree with:
"There is a place for all forms and levels of theatre, and producers, composers and artists have every right to create any new shows they like for the mingled delight and despair of theatre audiences."
Like it or not, I've said from the beginning, it was Webber who gave us Phantom in the first place; and we need to respect him as the creative genius he is and respect his right, without trying to sabotage his freedom of expression, to write a sequel.

So tonight as it opens, I yell Chookas to the cast. Why? Because it's the right thing to do to bless individuals who have put their lives on the line, given their talent, time, and energy to a show, that will actually bless some people in their seats, even if it doesn't bless everyone in the Phantom community.

The Phantom's Student

P.S. Don't forget to check back and read our upcoming guest blogger's take on the show.

UPDATE: You gotta see these pictures!

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