Friday, May 6, 2011

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Hold onto your masks....Vicki is in a mood....

I've been ripping my hair out trying to think about what to post these days now that I'm done slicing and dicing the story. (Which reminds me, if I have one more comment on a book review that I've never read Gaston Leroux, I'm going to slice someone myself.) Well, on with the post now that I got that out.

I realize I've been bombarding you with Love Never Dies news, which some of you probably wish by now it would just die already. Nevertheless, I said when I got done with the blog/book, I'd probably turn to reporting on stuff. However, once in a while, just for the heck of it, I'd post something Phantom related.

Anyway, I've been hanging around a certain Phantom forum of late that I hadn't lit a candle in for quite some time. So I finally got back in, lit the wax stick, and logged into the forum. There are a variety of forums around the Internet for Phantom fans, and I find the forum world a tad bit interesting.

So what is a forum anyway? Well, to add a little humor to the mix, it's a place where Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in Rome.* Of course, Phantom forums are not Roman forums, but sometimes they do take on those characteristics of Roman forums, as well as gladiator arenas. With the divide in the lair these days, it can get pretty bloody. It is not for the faint of heart, and you could very well get stabbed to death should you tick someone off.

Well, they really aren't that bad. I'm just kidding, of course. :snicker: We are all mature adults, hiding behind some really odd screen names, with either recognizable avatars of Phantom something or other, or something really strange uploaded as our picture. Rarely does anyone use their real name. Only fools like authors who want to promote their books do, like me (mistake number one).

We all wear masks. Of course, it's the lair, why wouldn't we? No need to tell the other guy at the other end who you are when you're just trying to express your opinion about something Phantom-related. Right? It sort of feels Phantomy in a way. You get to hide in the catwalks of the opera house and peer down to the stage below. When you're ready to say something, you just let a note filter down to the floor and it gets posted. Viola! You're a phantom and nobody knows who in the hell you really are. You can hide behind your keyboard and boldly make your presence known.

I'm not sure after being back in the forum of the lair whether I like it or not. You tend to find that things are very polarized for the most part right now in many areas. It's not just the Love Should Die versus the Love Never Dies fans, it's the Leroux lovers, the stage lovers, the movie lovers, and the other lovers all thrown into a bowl mixed together. There are threads that you can weave your way in and out of according to various topics from personal news like you got dumped by your boyfriend/girlfriend, or the hot topic of the day about Love Never Dies and how you hate or love the dang thing. You can check out team Erik or team Raoul, or whatever your little Phantom heart desires. There's pretty much a thread for everything.

Unfortunately, like a bunch of toddlers in a playground we don't always play nice, so that's why they have "moderators" who are the keepers of the forum. Phantom fans are prone to strangulation, short tempers, and other personality quirks that Erik possesses. It's a tough job to keep the candles lit in the lair. Sometimes I get visions of them running around saving Raoul's everywhere that have been strung up and hung by another testy Erik. They quickly enter the thread, loosen the grip around someone's neck, and save the day. Peacekeepers indeed enforcing the rules of the forum . . . bravo to you brave souls!

However, if you're looking for fans of like precious faith in any area of Phantom, forums can be useful and a fun place to hang around. It's a place to share your excitement, likes, dislikes, post photos, and be real mysterious behind your avatar and screen name. It is not, however, for the faint of heart. Even with moderators, it can sometimes get a bit volatile, and you might feel like you are sharing Julius Caesar's death scene after expressing an opinion.

If you're looking for a few, here are some links. Pick a name, grab your mask, upload your avatar, and go for it! But remember, people in forums sometimes get stabbed.

I am sure there are plenty others out there, so if you're part of one you'd like me to enter another link, just add a comment, and I will put it above.


The Phantom's Student or The Student
You'll find me lurking under that name in forums.

* Yeah, I know, on the steps of the portico of Theatre of Pompei. I'm trying to draw an analogy here, folks. Want to clarify that point lest I get another email that I'm a moron for not knowing anything.

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rhapsody said...

Very interesting commentary (as usual=)

And thank you so much for the links! I'm curious about the changes to LND's. I don't get angry about this stuff, as every person has their own idea how and where the story should go. For the most part, it seems that each telling and pairing brings something unique to this ongoing tale.