Thursday, March 31, 2011

Phantom to Tour New Production!

'Phantom' to tour in new production - Entertainment News, Top News, Media - Variety

The hot news in the Phantom world came out today via Variety that a new production of The Phantom of the Opera worldwide tour is in the works for 2012.

Already, musings have begun in the lair.  Phans are excited.  Phans are worried.  I'm curious and anxious to see what the masterminds Prince and Mackintosh have in store. Word is there will be new costumes, new sets, and rescaled production.  (Read the Variety link above.)

We just need to sit back and see what they have in store.  Can't wait to find out who the cast will be and what talents will bring us into the Music of the Night once again.  Costume changes will be interesting, however, perhaps they are needed.  The originally designed costumes by Maria Bj√∂rnson were very expensive, and no doubt very expensive to maintain. Piangi's cape that he wears when he climbs on that elephant weighs 70 pounds! Christine's wedding dress weighs 40! Maybe they need to lighten up. As far as set redesign, that will be interesting as well. 

Some of these anticipated changes will probably save money.  Perhaps ticket prices will come down and more people will be able to see the stage version when they've never seen it before. There are new generations being introduced to the Phantom of the Opera each decade. I for one am glad they are continuing it after all these years for more generations to continue to enjoy, no matter what the revised version may turn out to be.

Change happens. Sometimes change must happen for things to stay alive. Let's hope for the best and not assume disaster beyond our wildest imaginations will occur.

The Phantoms Student
aka Vicki

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