Monday, February 21, 2011

The Ride Goes On

Well, news galore, most of what you probably have heard already. However, I can't help but spread the cheer. . . you know me.

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Ramin Karimloo and Joseph Millson for winning best actor and best supporting actor in a musical on the What's On Stage Awards!  Love Never Dies didn't win best new musical category, but as I've cried repeatedly before, the stars of LND really make the show - especially the talented and haunting performance by Ramin. Until you see that man perform on stage the Phantom's character, you haven't lived.  The guy's a genius.

The other news out today is the changing of the guard at Love Never Dies in London.  A few of the cast are moving on to other roles, but Ramin is staying for another six months.  I'm happy to hear he's sticking around.  Sierra, of course, is back to Broadway, and Joseph is off to other things. Here's the new line-up posted on the Love Never Dies official website.

David Thaxton will be the new Raoul.  I'm sort of anxious to see how he fits the bill, because Joseph's shoes will be hard to fill.  Let's hope that great nemesis attitude between the two men keeps in place.  

Other news:  Looks like the hunt for Gustav is on for the Australian production.  Oh, to be a young lad with a good voice and have a gig on stage singing The Beauty Underneath with the Phantom.  Priceless.

I may still get to London this April to see the revised production.  We shall see....


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