Sunday, November 28, 2010

Love Never Dies Reopens

Love Never Dies reopened at the Adelphi Theater in London after closing down for four days to make changes. After seeing the original three times and receiving a report from a Facebook acquaintance who saw the new version, I almost wish I could hop on a plane and make the comparison myself.

There are plenty of articles flying up everywhere on the Internet, along with the usual ranting and raving back and forth across the lines of this love/hate relationship between Phantom of the Opera fans. My Facebook acquaintances who saw the show last evening have positive comments about the changes.

Since I've been reprimanded, friend dumped, threatened, and ignored for having set foot in the theater myself and seen the production without coming back to display my abhorrent displeasure, I shall remain silent about the changes to date until I can judge them myself face-to-face. How can I judge something I've not witnessed with my own two eyes? Hum... Of course, this whole matter could just be a totally selfish reason to justify purchasing another ticket to London and kissing the ground when I get off the plane. (I do have ulterior motives, you see.)

Here are a few links to the news. It doesn't look like Love Never Dies will die soon, though the controversy continues and those who love it continue to give it accolades and those who hate it continue to express their opinions.

The Phantom Student aka Vicki

PS - I will be in London during the first week in April.  Of course, I'm going to see the show again!  I'll be back with my own report eventually.

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    rhapsody said...

    I confess I don't follow this news as closely as I'd like to - I'm not up on any controversies at all...

    I can only guess it's how the story goes. I haven't read your links yet, but can't imagine what the problems/solutions could be. Or why anyone would be upset with you.

    It seems this story (ALW's sequel) has taken off in a direction that some people don't care for. And even if it is not where one would expect it to go, it is still an exceptional production. To me it's almost like Tennessee Williams wrote this sequel in particular; hope amongst a what-turns-out-to-be-a-tragedy anyway.

    And I know I can't be the first person to notice that the end of the first ALW production and the end of his second one, don't jibe.

    I was talking about your sequel to someone recently, and I mentioned how Desiree is Taylor Swift in my mind; and my friend mentioned that TS does look like a Desiree - although maybe you were thinking of someone older...?

    Well anyway, thank you for all the scoop, and the links -

    God bless you.