Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera - Second Edition Coming!

At the present time, I am working on the second edition of Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera. The first edition, published in May of 2009, is sadly outdated. Since that time, I've added quite a few more posts that need to be added to bring it up to date.

I have decided, after much thought, that I will not do a second edition in print. It's my preference to put the blog into eBook format that will be available on every format from Kindle to iPhones. This book is my best selling out of the three I've released, and many have requested its release in electronic format too. My plan is to offer the eBook format for $6.00, which will be a substantial discount from the $17.00 book version. I will probably pull it from the market in hard copy, since I don't think it would be fair to continue to offer the shorter version for $11 more.

Don't have a Kindle? Well, it's easy enough because you don't need to purchase one at all in order to read the Kindle version. Amazon offers free apps for download. You can even add the Kindle app to your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, and Android to read books.

If you prefer to read any other eBook format, you can download for free Adobe Reader on your computer and devices as well by visiting Adobe Digital Editions.

Hopefully, the eBook version of Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera will be available by December 31, 2010. The blog, of course, will always be here because of the worldwide hits it continues to get. I'm constantly amazed that 112 countries have landed on this site, which continues to speak of the worldwide interest in The Phantom of the Opera that never ends. However, digging through 115 plus posts is becoming tedious for visitors who are new. Also, the blog is pushing 67,000 hits, and I have more subscribers than I ever had. It seems each time the news prints anything about the sequel or the original, Google searches go wild on Phantom matters, which drives traffic to this site.

Also, I'd like to comment on two reviews for my blog book that were recently posted on Amazon. I'm sad to say that they appear to be attempts to discredit the book by ignorantly posting comments that I have never read Gaston Leroux and that the book was written by an "amateur for amateurs." It's apparent to me that the reviewers never read the book, because I not only quote Leroux throughout, but feature Leroux's work to shed light upon Webber's. Apparently, there is another agenda behind the reviews.

Frankly, I cannot say that it bothers me to the extent in which it was intended, mainly because my email box is filled with wonderful comments for taking a different look at this timeless story. I have never once professed to be an expert on the matter and never will. The story speaks to us differently, and my posts, as you know, have only been to spur further thought on the part of my readers.

What offends me the most is that you, my audience, have been called "amateurs" because you happen to like the Webber version on stage or in film. It's sad indeed when fans of the story that we all love are ridiculed because of the version they happen to enjoy the most - whether it's the original or the controversial sequel. It undermines the message and fuels even further the division among the Phantom community, which deeply grieves my heart.

I will keep you advised when the eBook is due for release. In closing, I want to thank every one of you that have faithfully followed this blog since its inception in January of 2008 and for your continued support of an "amateur" who finds lessons hidden between the characters, emotions, and symbols for everyone to enjoy.

I remain your obedient servant,

The Phantom's Student aka Vicki

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