Monday, March 22, 2010

My Diabolical Plan Over Live Never Dies

This week I'll be seeing Love Never Dies on Wednesday and Friday evening. I thought I would post my thoughts beforehand, because I know there are many of my readers who want me to be their ears and eyes until it comes to the States. Even if you won’t be able to see it in New York in November, you’ll still have a bucketful of critic and fan responses to read in order to draw some conclusion, besides my own 2 cents.

I’ve pretty much worn out my CD of Love Never Dies, though I recently read a comment that the score has been altered somewhat due to changes in the show. Nevertheless, I get the gist of the story. It would be arrogant of me, however, to write about the production when I’ve never actually seen it with my own eyes. I’m not about to comment on anything about the stage play or characters until I’ve witnessed the show. It would be a bit presumptuous on my part.

When I began this journey thinking about seeing Love Never Dies and coming back to write about it, I was faced with a difficult choice – to be a people pleaser or not. I sometimes envision myself standing in front of a huge crowd of Phantom fans. On the right are those vehemently opposed to the sequel for a variety of reasons, whether they have seen it or not. To my left stands the supporters of the sequel for a variety of reasons, whether they have seen it or not. Of course, there is that mediocre crowd somewhere up in the balcony that have no feelings either way. (Smiles and waves)

As I look at that huge group of friends, readers, and fans on both sides, I can’t help but think if I please some, I’ll lose others. (I could play this selfishly you know, slyly analyzing which side will give me more books sales and smile at them the biggest.)

What side do I choose? Where do I stand where it’s safe and I don’t get hit with a rotten tomato for my thoughts? (People don’t hand out pennies for your thoughts anymore by the way.) Will both sides still like me, if I take a stance? But…but…I want everyone to like me! What a dilemma!

Right now, I’m like Erik. My mask is on. (Though, I think some of you already know which side of the dark side I’m leaning toward.) When I take the mask off, will you still love me in spite of my hideous posts that may follow that grate against your Phantom psyche? You know I love you anyway or at least I hope you do!

So here’s my diabolical plan. Upon my return, I’ll tell you exactly what I saw - the acting, songs, sets, costumes, audience reaction, and changes to the storyline I hear that differ from the original CD since its release. After that, hold onto your computers, as I start to blog about those characters that changed so drastically from the original Phantom of the Opera (as if none of us ever had a life experience that changed our personalities in the past 10 years).

As before, I will dissect the wonderful psychological playground that Andrew Lloyd Webber has set up to dabble in once again. We’ll talk about Christine, Erik, Raoul, Meg, and Gustav. What will we learn? What will we see? What speaks to your heart? What doesn't? Keep an open mind, and you might be surprised

As you stand before me now in one big mosh pit* of Phantom fans, I wave goodbye! I’m off to see Love Never Dies. Please behave while I’m gone. Try not to slam one another in a frenzy.

I must finish packing. My plane leaves is 7 hours, and I need to go breathe inside a paper bag to calm myself.

Cheerfully yours,
The Phantom’s Student

*Definition of Mosh Pit – “Moshing or slamming refers to the activity in which audience members at live music performances aggressively push or slam into each other!"

Boy does that fit! (

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rhapsody said...

Good morning, Vicki -

I am coming upon this post rather after the fact, as I've already read your later posts...

Thank you so much for posting. As big a fan as I am, I haven't been keeping up, so I had NO IDEA what the story held. That said, I'm not sorry that I now know, because I will comment when I can on what you have written, from my POV...

Thanks again, Vicki!

God bless you.