Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ticket Purchased to Love Never Dies

I have my ticket for Friday, March 26 at the Adelphi Theatre in London to see Love Never Dies. Definitely a bundle of emotions, but I will keep an open mind.

The forums and boards around the world are carrying a variety of opinions. Some love it - others don't. I'm not surprised.

I'm excited and blessed for the privilege to see the show and will report back my thoughts when I return! Of course, as usual, you can count on me to dissect every living morsel in the story itself. Prepare yourself for the future and more Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera via Love Never Dies.

Hang in there! I'll be back! In the meantime, enjoy my current version, which I still plan on updating with further posts for purchase.

Your Phantom Friend

PS - I probably should clarify that I am not visiting London just to see the show! I'm English through and through on my mother's side of the family and have traced my ancestry back to 1792. I'm on a pilgrimage to find my roots by stepping on English soil. 'Tis a life-long dream that is finally coming true. Part of my trip will be digging around Manchester libraries searching for family tid-bits.


rhapsody said...

How exciting! Have a wonderful time - will be looking forward to hearing all about it! =)

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki, I've just discovered your interesting blog and as absolute the phantom fan I'll follow it with pleasure. If you can/want just have a look mine, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi! You don't have to approve this to your comments, but I just wanted to say -- It's okay. You can admit it. You went to London just to see the show. I know I did, as I suspect the other half of the audience (Americans!) did as well. Saw it twice while I was there. The show and the trip were both enjoyable.