Saturday, September 19, 2009

Phantom Fans Week Las Vegas

Well, this is not going to be your typical post. I am, however, going to share with you my experience attending the International Phantom Fans Week at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas from September 16 - 20, 2009. It truly made all my nights!

This was the first year that Phantom Las Vegas hosted a fans week. Hopefully, it won't be the last either. The entire event was spectacular. It consisted of three full days of events, with a few optional ones. The main schedule was as follows, including seeing the show production as many times as you wanted:
  • Meet the Phantom - Anthony Crivello - Q & A Session
  • Meet the Cast - Q & A Session
  • Masquerade Ball with Cast/Crew
  • Phantom Costume and Makeup
  • The Chandelier Experience
  • Phantom Custom Theater
  • Keynote Address: Hall Prince
What was the best part? Well, I have to give kudos to the cast for their overwhelming warm welcome of fans and their willingness to rub shoulders and be up front and personal with everyone - from speaking to us personally, giving us autographs, posing for pictures, and expressing their appreciation. It was wonderful.

Of course, the Vegas show is spectacular....just like they advertise. Here are a few fun Phantom facts to ponder:
  • $40 million cost of the theater at The Venetian
  • $35 million cost to mount the production
  • $5 million cost of the chandelier
  • 29,444 individual crystals in the chandelier
  • 2,000 pounds of the chandelier, named Maria
  • 32 number of winches used to operate the chandelier
  • 6 months to construct the chandelier
  • $4.25 million cost of lavish costumes
  • 100,000 weight, in pounds, of scenery hanging above the stage
  • 1,800 number of seats in the theater
  • 500 number of costumes
  • 222 number of candles that rise from the Phantom’s lair
  • 250 automated effects
  • 80 life-sized, front-of-house mannequins filling the opera boxes
  • 41 number of cast members
  • 142 number of cast, crew and orchestra members combined
  • 22 life-sized mannequins on the “Masquerade” Staircase
  • 11 number of costume-changes for Christine
Having attended this event gave me a deeper appreciation of the work, genius, and talent that makes up a stage production of this size. Each of the cast members are excited to be part of Phantom of the Opera. They love their roles, and appreciate the fans. In addition, they are seasoned and talented professionals.

Hopefully, next year they will do another Phantom fans week. If they do, I wholeheartedly encourage you to attend if at all possible.

Also, tune into our show from Vegas on BlogTalkRadio. Brianne Kelly Morgan, who plays Meg, as well as Andrew Ragone, who plays Raoul, were kind enough to join us to express their thoughts on Phantom fans week. Both will be coming back on the show sometime in the future. In addition, we are blessed to have Anthony Crivello, the Phantom himself, join us too! I'll keep you updated.

Your totally, blessed, and happy....
Phantom's Student

Post Script: Here is a great article on Broadway World giving a recap of Phantom Fans Week.

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