Thursday, June 11, 2009

"All Things Phantom" - New Show on Blog Talk Radio

Here it comes, a huge announcement for all my readers and Phantom fans in cyberspace. I have decided to host my own Internet radio talk show entitled, "All Things Phantom." My first airing will be on July 11, 2009 at 3:30 p.m. PST.

Why Internet talk radio? Well, actually I stumbled across this medium earlier this week and started listening to a few shows myself. Shows are built around themes and subjects, and it dawned on me what a great venue for Phantom fans! Every week I'm trying to click on Phantom related forums, boards, websites, blogs, and groups to interact with my readers. To be honest, I'm spreading myself too thin trying to keep in touch with the Phantom community. I have made some endearing friends along the way, and I wish to interact more closely. After all, we have a common bond and love - The Phantom of the Opera.

What will the shows entail? Well, I'm sure over time they will evolve and become more professional as I learn the hosting ropes, but in the meantime this is my vision:

  • Discussions regarding the story. Everything from Leroux to Webber. We can discuss the characters, symbols, emotions, events or other topics. I'm sure Webber's sequel "Love Never Dies" will be a hot topic after it opens, and my phone lines will be flooded with calls.

  • We will interview Phantom authors. You are more than welcome to plug your book, if I get the chance to interview you! I truly want to give equal time and support to others in this venue.

  • We will spread Phantom-related news. If you know of Phantom events you want announced over the show, shoot me an email and I will make sure to include them.

  • Special guests. This one I’m tucking under my hat, and we’ll see how it pans out. I have ideas.
If you have ideas, send them my way. I want this internet radio talk show to belong to the Phantom fans as a place to share. Perhaps you’ll finally be able to hear the voice of one of your friends you’ve corresponded with for years on some forum board! My only requirement inside the talk show is that we "all play nice," and I'm sure you get my drift. I am not in this alone, as there will be co-hosts and close friends working along side me to make this a success.

How does it work? It's pretty easy. Click the link above to my show page. You can send yourself a reminder or choose the RSS feed just to listen. I will announce upcoming episodes. If the talk show time is too inconvenient, the show is archived so you can listen to it at a later time. When the show is live, you can phone in like any other talk show and join the fun! The telephone number to dial in will be posted on the episode information.

I am extremely excited about this new medium to bring Phantom fans closer together. You'll see the information posted everywhere on my other sites, as soon as I painstakingly visit them all. Hopefully, the word will get out quickly; and if not, I'm a patient soul knowing it may take time to grow. Feel free to share with your friends too. I love you guys and am always thankful for your continued support!

As always, I am your obedient servant...
The Phantom's Student

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Phantom Inkheart. said...

Ah! What fun, I can barely wait to listen. :)

Sage said...

Wow! thankyou for totally making my day. It sounds great and I can't wait for it!

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