Friday, May 1, 2009

Book Released in United States

Hello dear friends! Today Lessons from the Phantom of the Opera was released through Xlibris in the United States. Here is how the process works.

It's been posted on my author site at: Xlibris - Vicki Hopkins, Author and is now available for purchase. (When you see the author page, click the little dot to select the book for purchase then it will take you to the cart. Otherwise you get an error message.)

The next step in the process is worldwide distribution. Registration has been submitted to Ingram, and that submission process takes 30 days to complete. Afterward Lessons From The Phantom of the Opera will be available on, Barnes and, and approximately 30-60 days later.

Xlibris will only fill orders placed in the United States. They do not process international orders. For those, you must wait until worldwide distribution is complete.

The price is $19.99 through Xlibris and $11.99 through resellers.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for your support and kindness. My dream has come true, and I hope you enjoy my words, pick up your pen, and write all over it! The book contains all of my posts on my blog and is 163 pages in length. After each post there is a page called Box 5 that contains a section of questions for you to ponder on how the story reveals itself to you, along with a place for you to write your own personal reflections. I guess you can call it your Phantom of the Opera journal.

Big hug to you all who have followed me on this journey through Phantom-land.


Anonymous said...

Dear God. Congratulations!
I'm very happy for you, and I'm very anxiously awaiting it's arrival on shelves so that I can purchase my own copy.
I do hope the publication of this book does not slow the flow of posts on this blog. They're a delgiht to read.
Once again, congrats.

Swansong said...

Vicki, I am so thrilled with your dedication and positive attitude! I believe any fan of POTO will want to read your book, because we all know there is so much more to Phantom than what is first seen on the surface. It is lovely that you are allowing your faith in God to underscore your creative endeavors. May you blessed!


Swansong said...

Me again. I've been trying to place an order but it keeps saying the product is not available. Is there some sort of waiting period? *grits teeth* I want it now!


Vicki Hopkins said...

To order from the author's page you must check the little dot. I've changed the link to take you directly to checkout: