Friday, January 29, 2021

The Phantom Needs Your Help!

Reposting from Go-Fund Me Page.  

There is a place in Paris where the spirit of Gaston Leroux, the writer of The Phantom of the Opera is still alive. It's in Montmartre, in an intimate Parisian bistro held by Véronique Leroux, Gaston Leroux's great-granddaughter.

Her passion for the literary genius of her great-grandfather led her to open "La Cave de Gaston Leroux" in 1996. It is a bar and a restaurant where people from all over the world can share a traditional and authentic French meal in a unique environment, seated amid old prints of Leroux's novels, memorabilia and rare collectibles.

In these hard times, no one is spared, not even the Phantom (although he has been wearing a mask all these years!)

Because of the confinement, Véronique Leroux's bar has had to remain closed for months. "La Cave de Gaston Leroux" suffered a considerable financial loss and is now on the verge of bankruptcy, threatened to close.

Unlike what people might think, the Leroux family doesn't receive any money from their ancestor's books, since Leroux's copyright expired more than twenty years ago (he is now in the public domain).


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